Collection: Hunting & Fishing - Hard & Soft Baits

There is a lot of different kinds of bait there is hard and soft bait.  Hard baits are made from wood, metal and or plastic. Hard bait is designed tp b used in open water where there is a strong current.  Soft plastics such as rubber and silicone are designed to be used in shallow water. Hard baits are usually made from  hard plastic , metal, or wood. Hard bait is used to mimic the appearance and the movement of live bait.  Hard bait is more durable than soft plastics. Hard baits can be used over and over again. Soft plastics are a type of fishing bait that is made from soft plastic materials. Soft bait is designed to imitate the appearance and movement t to live bait fish. Soft bait can come in many shapes and sizes.  There is a prefect type of bait for you and what you fish you are trying to catch.