Collection: Watersports - Inflatable Boats

When looking for an inflatable boat, deciding what size you need is essential. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Larger boats are better for longer trips and carry more gear, but they are also more difficult to transport and store. Smaller boats are easier to transport and store, but they may not be suitable for long trips or carrying much gear. 

There are two main types of inflatable boats: those made from vinyl and those made from Hypalon. Both materials have pros and cons, so deciding which is suitable for you before making a purchase is important. Vinyl inflatable boats are typically less expensive than Hypalon models, but they are also less durable and may not hold up well in harsh conditions. Hypalon inflatable boats are more expensive but stronger and resistant to wear and tear.  There are a variety of inflatable boats on the market, each designed for specific uses. Some are better for fishing, while others are better for hunting or recreation. There are even inflatable boats that can be used in white water rafting. So before purchasing an inflatable boat, think about how you will use it and buy one designed for that purpose.  For boats, stability is a key consideration. You want a stable enough boat to handle waves and other conditions on the water, but not so stable that it is difficult to maneuver. Inflatables are ‌more stable than traditional boats because of their wide beam. But various factors can affect an inflatable's stability, so it is important to test it before buying.