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While choosing a paddle there are many things to consider. Remember safety first! Before you hit the water in your kayak, there are a handful of paddle sizing factors you must take into consideration. Sizing is mostly determined by a combination of your height and the width of your kayak. Typically, the wider your kayak, the longer your paddle will need to be in order to ensure that the blades submerge completely into the water. Check out the chart below as a guideline for your paddle fit.

When choosing a canoe paddle  bigger isn’t necessarily better. Your canoe paddle should be the shortest possible length that still allows you to comfortably reach the water. Similar to kayaks, the style of your canoe, your paddling and your height will play a role in paddle size. 

Finding the correct size stand up paddleboard paddle can help you guard against potential aches and pains. A paddle that’s too short can fatigue your back, while those that are too long may strain your shoulders.